The Classical watch

The Cellini celebrates the eternal elegance of traditional timepieces with a contemporary touch; the name was inspired by the Italian Renaissance artist, Benvenuto Cellini

This collection combines the best of Rolex know-how and its high standards of perfection with an approach that heightens watchmaking heritage in its most timeless form.  The lines of the Cellini model are sober and refined, the materials noble, the finishings luxurious: every detail respects the codes of the art of watchmaking.

  • From across
    the solar system


  • The Rolex Moonphase marks a new milestone in the development of luxury watches, confirming the Cellini range’s place at the apex of the world’s most prestigious chronometers.

  • But even among this exceptional array of highest-quality materials assembled by Rolex to create the Moonphase, one object has the power to send the owner’s imagination soaring across aeons of time and millions of miles of outer space: the meteoric iron disc representing the full Moon.

  • Every privileged owner of a Moonphase will carry, for the rest of their lives, condensed on their wrist, a slice of a meteorite from across the Solar System — a celestial memento worn on the wrist which will, appropriately, mark the iconic and mysterious phases of the Moon.

Cellini autoplay video fallback

The Cellini Moonphase displays the date around the circumference of the dial, via a centre hand with a crescent moon at its tip. This model is driven by a self-winding mechanical movement entirely manufactured by Rolex, whose patented moonphase module is astronomically accurate for 122 years.

Cellini beauty

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Only Official Rolex Jewelers are allowed to sell Rolex watches. With the necessary skills and technical know-how, they will help you make the choice that will last a lifetime.

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